Lunch lecture “Climate policy and law”

[This text is in Dutch as it concerns an invitation for a lunch lecture that will be given in Dutch.]
Op 16 februari 2016 geeft Prof. Dr. Marjan Peeters een lunchlezing bij het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu over het thema “Klimaatbeleid en recht”. Marjan Peeters werd in september gehoord bij het rondetafelgesprek in de Kamer over de Urgenda-zaak. In 2010 deed zij in opdracht van VROM onderzoek naar Motieven en mogelijkheden voor een nationale klimaatwet en Klimaatwetgeving in Nederland. Zij is sinds 1 april 2008 bijzonder hoogleraar en hield haar oratie Met Recht naar Klimaatbescherming over de rol van het recht en de markt voor het klimaatbeleid. Haar lunchlezing zal ingaan op de ontwikkelingen in het Europees klimaatrecht in het licht van het Verdrag van Parijs, en welke gevolgen dit heeft voor de nationale ruimte voor klimaatbeleid.

TRANSIT researchers present at Congress on Basic Income Experiments


TRANSIT researchers Julia Backhaus (ICIS, NL) and Bonno Pel (Université Libre de Bruxelles, BE) will participate in the congress that is organized by the Dutch Basic Income Association (VBI) in collaboration with UBIE (Unconditional Basic Income Europe) and BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network). Central topic of the conference is the recent wave of plans for experiments with (partial) Basic Income developed by Dutch local governments – what is the significance of these experiments for the Basic Income transformation?
The TRANSIT researchers will present and discuss key highlights from their recent case study on the BIEN network and Basic Income initiatives in Germany and the Netherlands (including organizer VBI, who celebrates its 25th anniversary).”
– More about the TRANSIT project
– More about the Basic Income Experiments Congress

Survey on Ecosystem – Human Health linkages: first results


Ecosystem Services Partnership’s members Conor Kretsch (COHAB),  Hans Keune (INBO) and Bram Oosterbroek (ICIS) of the Working Group on Ecosystem Services & Public Health present the first results from the survey “Ecosystem services and human health – awareness and attitudes”.

Ecosystem Services are the benefits people obtain from ecosystems. The aim of the survey was to gain a clearer view of where and how human health perspectives are addressed by people working in the field of ecosystem services research, policy and practice. Some of its outcomes: for 64% of the respondents, the concept of human health directly relates to their work. Especially collaboration issues are mentioned as important barriers to research on ecosystems and health. We present the first results of analysis in progress at our Activities & Outputs page where you can download the preliminary results.

Master’s Open Day: 20 February 2016

Are you willing to contribute to a sustainable future? Would you like to acquire the knowledge and skills to deal with one of the world’s most relevant and complex questions: how to balance ecological, economic, and social developments for our present and future well-being? Then Sustainability Science and Policy is the right programme for you! Download the full info pack.

ICIS will host a Master’s Open Day on Saturday 20 February 2016 about the Master Sustainability Science and Policy. Two information sessions and an information market will be offered throughout the day and visitors will have the opportunity to talk with staff and students.

Please register via the Master’s Open Day page on the Maastricht University website. We look forward to welcoming you!

SmarterLabs: ICIS 2nd Urban Europe project

In addition to the ongoing URB@Exp project, SmarterLabs is the 2nd Urban Europe project in a row granted to ICIS and where ICIS is the project coordinator.

Under the leadership of Prof. René Kemp (ICIS) aims the project to develop a Smart City Living Lab approach to effectively deal with two major risks to successful, widespread implementation of smart transport technologies: (1) unforeseen barriers to large-scale change in socio-technical systems, and (2) exclusion of social groups not matching the required ‘smart citizen’ profile. Dr. Marc Dijk (ICIS) coordinates the project on behalf of the consortium. Dr. Ron Cörvers and Dr. Joop de Kraker (both ICIS) are also participants in the project.

SmarterLabs is a 1.4 M Euro project and receives funding for 3 years. The consortium consists of partners in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The Dutch partners are the City of Maastricht, Maastricht Bereikbaar, Grontmij and ICIS. The project foresees in a very involved advisory and dissemination board with experts from Finland, Spain and Turkey. The project starts in March 2016 with a kickoff meeting in Brussels.

Second project meeting of the European URB@Exp research project

Gruppenfoto_Landschaft (3)From 11 – 13 November, René Kemp, Ron Cörvers, Joop de Kraker en Christian Scholl from the ICIS Institute participated in the second project meeting of the European URB@Exp research project. This time, the meeting to place in the Austrian city of Leoben. URB@Exp is funded by the Joint Programme Initiative Urban Europe and brings together four academic institutes, one consultancy and five city partners to learn from the governance experiments of urban labs in Maastricht, Malmö, Graz, Leoben and Antwerp. Prof. Kemp from ICIS is the leader of this 3-year project.

Twenty representatives of all the partners visited several urban redevelopment projects in this former mining town and discussed the progress of the action research in the urban lab of each city. The academic partners presented extensive reports on the governance structure/ culture to contextualize findings in each city In the spirit of co-creation, city makers and academics around the table, started to work on the guidelines for lab practitioners, policymakers, citizens and researchers. Results of the ongoing research on the experiences of existing urban labs will soon be made available on the website of URB@Exp:

Public Lecture Climate Law 11 December 2015

On 29th November, Prof. Marjan Peeters, Professor of Environmental Policy and Law at Metro, was interviewed by L1 (De Stemming). Professor Peeters will be attending the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. She was interviewed on her role in Paris, her view on climate law and the current developments. Listen to the interview (in Dutch only, at 35’)

Furthermore, on Friday, 11 December 2015 Prof. Dr. Marjan Peeters will talk about the influence of climate science on law and her experiences with the academic expedition to Spitsbergen earlier this year. She will also discuss the latest developments of the 21st meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris.

If you wish to attend this public lecture (open for anyone, please register) entitled “Bridging Climate Science with Law” please download the attached pdf for more information or go directly to the registration form.

Invitation for lecture: Bridging Climate Science with Law

TRANSIT briefs on Transformative Social Innovation & Governance

Curious to get a better grasp of the dynamics and challenges of transformative social innovation? Check out the first and second TRANSIT Briefs, which Rene Kemp, Paul Weaver, Julia Backhaus and Tim Strasser have contributed to on behalf of the ICIS team. The first brief focuses on 12 social innovation networks and their change strategies & challenges, while the second brief zooms in on the governance and co-production challenges related to internal politics, institutionalization, hybridity and context factors. Currently the ICIS team is working on a case study of Basic Income, as well as a paper on the notion of “inclusive society” in relation to transformative social innovation.

"Sustainability is a MUST"

ICIS-MUST offers the Master of Science and  PhD programme 'Sustainability Science and Policy' (SSP), where students from different scientific backgrounds and nationalities work closely together under professional scientific leadership.

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