PhD Workshop: Global certifying partnerships and development

On the 15th and 16th of May 2014, ICIS will organize a PhD Workshop regarding public-private partnerships. During this workshop we will discuss the relationship between certification, sustainable agriculture and development from different methodological perspectives. We will elaborate on the specific knowledge and policy implications. On the basis of these insights, the participants are invited to reflect on their methodological choices and the implications for their own research. There is a limited amount of places left and the participation fee is €100 including lunch. For application or information email

Master SSP Urban Garden

ICIS SSP students take education for sustainability beyond books and start learning about socio-ecological connections through their own urban gardening project.

Master’s Open Day Saturday February 22

Are you looking for a master’s programme with an international classroom and a global perspective? Maastricht University offers what you’re looking for! Experience Maastricht University yourself by visiting the next Master’s Open Day on Saturday 22 February 2014. During this day you can get informed on the Master Sustainability Science and Policy. You will also have the opportunity to visit the information market where you can talk to staff and students.

The Master Open Day was a success as many interested students visited our event and came to the presentation on the Master Sustainability Science and Policy. 

Open Science Meeting and SPIN-workshop at Makassar, Indonesia

Prof. Pieter Glasbergen (ICIS) and Prof. Bustanul Arifin (University of Lampung) presented our joint SPIN-project “Global Certifying Partnerships“ at the Open Science Meeting entitled “Science and Society, organised by the Joint Working Committee Indonesia–The Netherlands, January 27-28 in Makassar, Indonesia. Nia Kurniawati Hidayat, one of our SPIN PhD’s was also invited to present her paper “Impact of certification on palm oil smallholders’ livelihood”. The OSM was followed by a three-day workshop organised by ICIS (MUNPOP) and the University of Lampung to discuss the results from the fieldwork of the 5 SPIN PhD’s and the content of the first working papers. Also the research program for 2014 was discussed. End February the Indonesian PhDs will return to ICIS for the next phase in our joint research project.

Memorandum of Understanding between University Lampung and ICIS

A Memorandum of Understanding between ICIS and the College of Agriculture at the University of Lampung was signed by ICIS director Ron Cörvers and UNILA dean Wan Abbas Zakaria on January 30th in Makassar, Indonesia. This Memorandum formalizes our joint willingness and efforts to continue the collaboration between ICIS and UNILA in the SPIN-MUNPOP project “Global Certifying Partnerships”.

3rd ORGANEXT Cluster Meeting UNU-Merit – ICIS

Our Organext project holds its third cluster meeting on 14 January 2014 at Maastricht University. The meeting aims to inform and gather industrial partners (SME’s and large companies) policy makers and knowledge centers. This time the focus is on the future of OPV (Organic Photovoltaics) and the requirements of this technology prior to market introduction. Participation is free of charge. Registration however is required. You can register by sending an e-mail to Liesbeth Noben with the following information: your first and last (family) name, and affiliation. You can find the program and location of the cluster meeting and more information on the Organext project website.

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Workshop: Joint knowledge production continued

Monday January 13th – Antropia, Hoofdstraat 8, Driebergen – 12:00- 18:00

In collaboration with Utrecht University, YM de Boer Advies and Knowledge for Climate ICIS organizes a workshop to exchange experiences in joint knowledge production. The workshop will be in Dutch and consists of keynote speeches from René Kemp (ICIS), André van der Zande (RIVM), Arjen ‘t Hoen (Ministry of Infrastructure and environment), Willem Ligtvoet (PBL) and Peter Driessen (scientific director Knowledge for Climate), followed by sub-group discussions. Register here.

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The 2012 sustainability science best paper awards

The paper “Transdisciplinary research in sustainability science: practice, principles, and challenges” of Pim Martens and others, is selected as the Honourable mention in the 2012 Sustainability Science Best Paper Awards. Such awards are held for the first time to recognize the contributions of researchers that further enhance the understanding of sustainability science and demonstrate high standards of scientific quality. For more information click here.

"Sustainability is a MUST"

ICIS-MUST offers the Master of Science and  PhD programme'Sustainability Science and Policy' (SSP), where students from different scientific backgrounds and nationalities work closely together under professional scientific leadership.

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