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About ICIS

ICIS, the International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development at Maastricht University has become a leading institute in research and education for sustainable development.

Basically, the idea of sustainable development is to harmonize socio-economic developments with the environment’s ability to meet present and future needs, and in that way safeguard a liveable planet for all.

Through our research we contribute to the scientific debate about sustainable development, but we also try to achieve a constructive social impact towards sustainability in practice. Therefore we collaborate intensively with other partners, such as governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and other research institutes.

In our education and learning for sustainable development we want students to become competent in sustainability assessment, but also ‘transboundary’ competent, which means, the competence to think and collaborate across boundaries.

For instance:

  • Between disciplines,
  • Between scientific and practical knowledge,
  • Between cultural or national points of view
  • Between local and global perspectives

Our multidisciplinary team has long-standing expertise in integrative approaches and first-hand experience with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work in pursuit of sustainable development.

Mission and vision

ICIS works from Sustainability Science, an emerging field trying to bring together science, policy and society to find answers to sustainability challenges and to formulate new pathways to contribute to sustainable development.


ICIS’s mission is to be a reliable knowledge partner for sustainable development. Through research, education and learning activities ICIS wants to support sustainable development at the local and regional levels that contributes also to global sustainability.


ICIS vision is that knowledge gained from research, education and learning plays an important role in the socio-political transformation towards sustainable development. Sustainability research provides the scientific knowledge base for policymaking, innovation, and governance for sustainable development. Education and learning for sustainable development provide competencies sustainability professionals and others need in order to give shape to a more sustainable world.