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PhD Programme

The interdisciplinary Ph.D. programme in Sustainability Science and Policy (SSP) is designed to educate researchers, university teachers, and world leaders in the social, economic and natural science disciplines that underpin sustainable development. Sustainability science is a new multi-disciplinary approach to science that recognizes the limitations of traditional scientific inquiry in dealing with the complex reality of social institutions interacting with natural phenomena.

The research produced by the program’s doctoral dissertations will focus on integrative, interdisciplinary research that is needed to explore science and policy issues in sustainable development. Integrated Assessment methods and concepts (e.g. transitions, modeling, scenario analysis) will be instrumental to provide answers to the central questions of sustainable development. Applicants should demonstrate an ability to pursue independent research through their prior work and academic distinction. Upon graduation it is expected that the candidates will play an important role as scholars, policymakers and professionals in their home countries and in the international community, taking leadership roles in government, international organizations, non-profit organizations and business.

An overview of Current and Completed PhD projects can be found under the Research section of this website.