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Current PhD projects

  • Homo sustinens: towards a footprint of 1.0 (Julia Backhaus)
  • Globalisation, complexity and sustainability (Lukas Figge)
  • Religion and sustainable development (Laura Kurth)
  • Climate and ENSO variability effect on dengue incidence in Aruba (Marck Oduber)
  • Global Sustainable Governance: Partnerships Between Fragmentation and Cohesion (Ceren Pekdemir)
  • The role of future studies in innovation processes (Nicole Rijkens-Klomp)
  • Towards a sustainable development in waste management using an integrated assessment approach (Cok van Bergen Henegouw)
  • The transition of farmers’ sustainable agricultural production behaviors:  comparative cases study in China and Netherlands (Jing Wang)
  • The Impact of Ecosystem (Dis)Services on Human health: a Spatial Model (Bram Oosterbroek)
  • The social and economic effects of coffee certification, with a specific focus on the livelihood effects for farmers (Nia Hidayat)
  • The social and economic effects of palm oil certification, with a specific focus on the livelihood effects for farmers (Muhammad Ibnu)
  • Certification contracts from an institutional economic perspective (Esther Sri Astuti)
  • The inclusion of local sustainability values and interests through Indonesian NGOs in global certifying partnerships (Sani Kosasih)
  • The relationships between public responsibilities of Indonesian governments and private responsibilities of global certifying partnerships (Atika Wijaya)
  • Organisational Transformation and Systemic Change: Modelling pathways towards Sustainability at the University (Alex Baker-Shelley)
  • The role of animals and nature in learning for sustainable development–a Chinese perspective – Bingtao Su
  • Learning for sustainability: the learning process – Anneloes Smitsman